Our time at People's Cemetery has been fruitful; We have cleared branches, picked up garbage, cleaned stones, uncovered lost grave markers, and indexed this historic graveyard. Not one bit of this could have been accomplished without our volunteers. We thank them one and all.

All Volunteers

  • Cain, Angela, TSgt USAF
  • Curtis, Bnekia, SSgt USAF
  • Gideon, Jeff, CMSgt USAF
  • Kelly, Robert, SSgt USAF
  • McFarland, Shevon, TSgt USAF
  • Nazon, Sindy, SSgt USAF
  • Prowse, Blandon, 2nd Lt. USAF
  • Ramos, Fanor, SSgt USAF
  • Warner, Ursula, TSgt USAF

Volunteers by Group

USAF 345th TRS

Volunteers By Date

July 21, 2012 - USAF 345th TRS

November 3, 2012 - Cub Scout Den ...